Friday, 23 August 2013

2013 Cross Country

As we get to the starting line we were waiting for Mr Burt to say go . Go’ said’ Mr Burt, Off we go running across the muddy field. On our cross country day we ran with burst running around the reserve,  some with steady jog many lagging behind.Mud splattered back my feet squelching in the mud still hanging in with my steady jog then dread goes my pasted.

As we got through the track it was getting harder than people start losing their pasted tricky to maneuver and also exhausting.But some are still running hard even if their aching muscles are sore. Trying to get that first place like they are in the Olympic games.

Almost to the finish line. Then as we get to the finish line the kids and family are cheering for us then I cross the finish line and i am happy that i have competed in the cross country.Now everyone gets together in a group and they talk about how tired they were and talking about what place did they come.

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  1. Hi Lave,
    I enjoyed reading your write up on your cross country experience. You described the experience with good adjectives and it also made me feel what you felt on the day. Good job.


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