Thursday, 4 July 2013

kiti and the beanstalk

 Kiti and the beanstalk.

One day there was a boy called kiti he has a poor family. He and his little tribe were going to a rich village called Rangitoto village , he went to explore his new village and he saw an old lady who trades magic beans. That old lady was the giants mother they did not know. He went and asked the old lady how much it costs. The old lady said it costs 10 gold tokens for one, he traded with the old lady. The old lady said go plant it and when it finishes growing, climb it and when you reach the top there will be lots of gold.

Kiti went home and planted it. He went to sleep but in the middle of the night he suddenly woke up because he heard lots of sounds, he then came outside to see what was happening then he saw his beans that grew he looked at it and said “thats massive’’. He then went and told the whole village.   

Kiti climbed up the beanstalk, it took him one whole day to climb it and finally he reached the top. He saw a light, it glowed and then suddenly he heard a big giant saying “you just got fooled”. Kiti and the giant had a fight, Kiti then got knocked out onto the ground. The giant then killed Kiti by eating him for dinner. You could hear Kiti’ yelling and screaming from inside the giants stomach..

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  1. Hi Lave,
    This was a very interesting story which surprised me in the end. I thought I knew what was going to happen and then I was hit with a twist. The twist made it enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work.


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