Thursday, 4 July 2013

Prospective Student.

Muscles aching trying to get to the top of the vertical mountain the boy was feeling exhausted. Hand to hand gripping tightly to the rocks he was struggling. But knowing he was near the top walking with perseverance and determination.

Walking to the big terrifying dojo door feeling nervous and determined to see what the sansei will say. With carouge the sansei points to the right and the student think to himself “I'm not worth it” so he sit’s and fold his leg’s. Starts to meditate night and day. Until the sansei opens the door and once again points to his right. So the student walks away.

He grounds with a frown and suddenly turns and kicks the door open and tries to challenge the sansei in a fight then he points to the sign and looks. It says USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE and he thinks to himself I’m a foul.   

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  1. Hi Lave,
    I enjoyed reading your writing for two reasons. It contained good adjectives and it had a good twist at the end. Keep on writing and working hard. Good job.


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