Friday, 10 May 2013


The day WILL.I.AM came to our school.We had NO idea that he will be coming to our school but I was cool because Mr Burt gave us some clues that WILL.I.AM and he said ‘Do you know a band Called BLACK EYE PEAS’ and everybody stared to get chills down their spines.

Then I clicked and I knew it was going to be WILL.I.AM then Mr Burt said ‘Do you know a man called WILL.I.AM’ and I was like yes because he is the first famous singer from America/California besides on T.V it would have been cool if Chris Brown came but WILL.I.AM man he is a great singer and i like the beats that he has made in his Knew song with Justin bieber.

So has he waked in with the prefix from our school when I looked at him I was like man he’s got swag. so Patrick said his speech in Maori but then he made a mistake when came to the English part because he had only one night to practise but he still stood up and looked out loud and proud.

So the kapahaka group did their item and after that the hip hop did their item and that was awesome and WILL.I.AM got to finally say a speech and he said that his dream was to look after his mother because he didn't know who was his father so his music Carrie gave him a chance to look after his mother and after that he gave a cheaq with $100,000,00 dollar’s which was donated for all the Manaiakalani schools.
                  To me that is a great thing that he has done for us kids.

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  1. Hi Lave,
    I enjoyed reading your story on Will.I.Am's visit. I liked how you gave some information on who he is because not everyone that might read your post will know who he is. I also liked how you were able to describe your feelings. I could picture the visit as I read through your story. Keep up the good work and keep posting.


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