Friday, 13 December 2013

Netbook Reflections 2013

How has having a Netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year ?

Having a Netbook is cool. There is different things that you can do with it. Firstly going on google docs on my Netbook is great because you can edit on writing without a hassle (Only when internet is not working right). Which is great because you can go on offline. I like doing this because you can not only work by yourself but also in a group.

Secondly it’s great using Math Whizz because you learn different things like Decimals, Fractions,Place Values. Xtramath has helped me with my basic facts I have learn’t how to use Divided by faster and also my Times table.

Using Reading on google sites has been awesome knowing that I can always go online and use it to ready books and also do reading activities and next year my goal is to work harder at reading and writing.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Highlight's Of The Year 2013

The first highlight of the year was going to Waitangi in the Bay of island.Going there experiencing different things about why the treaty was signed.The treaty of waitangi was first signed on 6 february 1830.The Treaty is an agreement, in Maori and English, that was made between the British Crown and about 540 Maori rangatira chiefs

The second highlight was sleeping in the Copthorne hotel and and getting room service and also eating the delicious food. And then going to Auckland city to the Westpac HQ  for the opening of the the KIDS NATION were kids in New Zealand will go into a competition for 3 school can go to waitangi and experience the cool things you can do.

Also going to Camp Keswick and going to blue lake also going to the Rotorua pools was awesome because you can bomb in the pools. The luge was another exciting thing to do because going down the hill very fast and turning sharp corners.

Camp Keswick 2013


When we left school at 8:00 clock and arrived at camp Keswick like 2:00 clock. We had to pack our stuff and then we walked up a mountain and it was like a 3 k walk for dinner we had chicken casserole. Then the next day we went to agradom it was funny part  for me is when Max’s dad Max was milking the cow and tried to drink the milk from the nibble and also when the dogs running on top of the sheeps.

On Thursday we went to blue lake it  was pretty solid because we got to swim in the nice cold water it had no salt water and it was also fresh. Then we went back to camp grounds and had lunch then we went to the Rotorua pools we got to do some bombs and jump of a tramp into the pools.

On friday we went to the luge it was cool going up the gondola. Then we went on the luge it was cool going down the hill fast and turning the corners and sig sags .

Monday, 2 December 2013


For the past 2 weeks we have been doing swimming. I learn’t how to not touch the ground I have also learn’t how to keep our arm’s straight and how to breath the right way.I think I have achieved my breathing and my speed. I think I need to work on my back strokes.

Monday, 14 October 2013


This morning we had 40 minutes to write about anything we wanted from this we are going to get some writing goals for the term here is what I wrote.                     

                             Paintball .

Entering the paintball field as we spilt up to attack the other team to capture their flag. Our team stuck together like we were a Spec Op team. It felt like we were back in world war 1 again. From the corner of my eye I get the sense that there's someone coming to attack and BANG I shot him right in the chest.

My sister runs and gets the flag and I back her up by Shooting every target that gets in our way. Everyone gets to the flag only 1 of our teammate was taken down. My uncle yells out ‘go go go’ as a command for us to head back to the base sprinting like we were running away from a lion and jumping obstacles like a free runner.

Then when we left our team got to have McDonald's and the losing team had to eat 2 big Ben pies each.

The thing that I like about my writing is the metaphor for example sprinting like we were running away from a lion and jumping obstacles like a free runner

My goals are to make my hook more better and to have more vocabulary. To have more punctuation.

Friday, 13 September 2013

DLO - Year 6

I went 7 x 90 = 630 then 4 x 7 = 28 then I put 630 + 28 = 658

Thursday, 12 September 2013

DLO- For Math - Prisms.

 3 Divided by 48 =

I first went 3 divided by 30 = 10 so their is 18 left and I went 3 Divided by 18 = 6 so I put 10 + 3 = 13