Thursday, 4 July 2013

Little Ben Riding Hood

Little Ben riding hood.
Once upon a time there was boy named Ben, he lived in a city called Auckland. He’s 12 years old, he’s the only one in his family. He likes wearing a blue hood.

He was a stubborn little boy he would never listen to his parents they had to bribe him by giving him treats so that he would do what he was told. One day his parents told him to go and visit his grandfather in Henderson to help him to fix his car. Ben biked 200 k's.
Ben was biking for about 2 hours but then a car came over and asked him where he was going. Ben said“  I'm going to my grandfather’s house”. The man said wanna go for a ride to your grandfather house on my car. Then suddenly Ben remember the face of the person that came on the news, thats was criminal three nights ago.. So Ben slowly moved to the bike that was on the ground ,Once
Ben got to his bike he
slowly picked it up then when the man looked away to see who was making that loud noise. Ben just hopped on his bike and he disappeared like a wind. The man got on his car and tried to catch up to Ben.

But Ben was too fast. Ben finally saw his grandfather’s house he hopped off his  bike and he ran to the house and shut the door fast. Ben was looking for his grandfather but the suddenly he saw him fixing the car. Ben went and told his grandfather. His grandfather rang the cop. The cops came and caught the criminal and afterwards, Ben finally goes and help his grandfather fix the car and lived happily ever after.  

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    Lave you got really good story and keep up the good work.


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